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The Best Medicine

What is life without a little laughter? Or a lot of laughter? The more you can laugh, whether it be at yourself or anything, the healthier and happier you'll be. The same can be said for children. I always find it interesting when my daughter randomly breaks into a giggle-fit. Kids seem to have a much easier time laughing and finding humor in life than adults. But laughter is important for everyone!

Laughing strengthens relationships, releases endorphins, improves your cardio-vascular and immune systems, and lowers tension while relaxing muscles. Despite feeling awkward at first, you can help your entire family laugh more often and create even bigger laughs in general!

Start with a joke night. Get some kid-friendly joke books at your local library or have an adult look up some good jokes online. Go through them and just laugh together. Some groaning and eye-rolling will typically accompany the real laughs, but the more you get into the spirit of the session, the more natural it will become. Again, kids seem to have an easier time finding humor in life than adults. It's a lesson you should give your children the chance to teach you.

Not only is laughter good for the mind and soul, but it is also good for the body. Did you know that every time you laugh your body actually burns calories? Therefore, the more you laugh the more exercise you're actually getting! That's amazing! Personally, I can't think of a more fun way to lose weight than through good old-fashioned laughing!

You could also, if you're feeling brave (or cheeky), try a Laughing Meditation practice. Here's how it works: Everyone in the family gets comfortable on yoga mats, or the carpet, or chairs (whatever!), then you count to three. At the end of the count, everyone has to produce a long, loud laugh and then continues it for 60 seconds. Once the minute is over, the family has to immediately stop laughing so silence fills the room. During the silence, ask your children to be mindful of how they feel in that moment and then discuss it together. Several breaths of calm after a minute-long belly laugh can really introduce your kids to the concept of being present in the moment.

Nothing spreads more joy in the world as the laughter of a child!

If you try a laughter meditation, please share your family's stories below in the comment section. I would love to hear how it goes!

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