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What We Can Offer You and Your Family!

At Prancing Pony, we know that yoga is a fun activity for adults and children of all ages. Not only that, we truly believe in helping our clients and customers achieve maximum health and wellness benefits for their bodies and their minds. This is why we offer a comprehensive yoga, mindfulness, and meditation menu targeted at children of all ages, expectant mothers, new mothers, and entire families! Won't you please join us for some of our wonderful programs? And please, bring the kids! Kids are our favorite!

Individual Classes

Check our calendar to see when and where our individual classes will be held. We provide classes of all kinds and for all ages at our private studio in Averill Park, but also travel around the capital region giving classes at local libraries, schools, and community centers. Contact us if you would like to know where Prancing Pony will show up next!


Sequence Courses

In addition to our stand alone classes, Prancing Pony offers courses that take the students through an entire series of thematic yoga stories. Typically, these series range from four to eight weeks and can be purchased as a single payment. Alternatively, students may choose to attend individual sessions during the series. 


Private Sessions

Contact us for private one-on-one sessions that can be tailored to your specific goals. Do have children with special needs? Are you hoping your kids learn to control their emotions? Prancing Pony can help. Private sessions are personal, discreet, and highly customizable. Let's work together to create the perfect yoga, meditation or mindfulness one-on-one class for you or your little ones!


Prenatal & Postnatal Classes

New addition to your family? Our staff is certified in yoga to help prepare your body to deliver your new baby as well as to reconnect and recover from childbirth. Join us to learn how to relax your body and focus your breathing as you follow our safe yoga techniques before baby arrives! And after baby arrives, we can help you regain your abdominal strength, body flexibility, and tone - with or without baby - and alleviate troubling symptoms of postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress. 


Parties and Events

Are you interested in a unique activity for your child's birthday party, bat mitzvah, or other event? Look no further than Prancing Pony! Forget the clowns and the magicians. Don't overpay for the bouncy castle! Have one of our highly skilled yoga instructors attend your party with all necessary equipment and add a wonderful yoga story to your function!


Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

Having trouble focusing at work or at home? Let us help you be present in the moment through mindfulness and meditation. Learn how to recognize and observe all of your current feelings, thoughts, and sensations without judgment, evoking a greater state of calm, relaxation, and balance. These sessions are fantastic for over-active kids. Get them off their screens and into the yoga studio today!

Prancing Pony Prana

Averill Park, NY 12018

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