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Are you looking for just the right yoga studio to answer your needs? Still not sure which of our offerings is best for you? These FAQs can help. If you have additional questions, we are happy to answer.


What do Prancing Pony Yoga Classes look like

Our classes vary based upon the ages of our students. Older yogis can expect a more traditional and standard practice when they arrive, while younger yogis will receive story-based yoga, breathing exercises, yoga games, and even introduction to meditation.


What types of classes do you offer

Children and parents can enjoy yoga together or separately in our studio space. We offer prenatal as well as Mommy and Me Yoga, Peanut Yoga (3-5 years), Cool Kids Yoga (11-16 years), and all other ages in between. Additionally, we provide mindfulness and meditation classes. For more information, please see our Offerings page. 


What if I have never been able to afford yoga before

Don't worry about that! Prancing Pony Prana is an inclusive studio. We offer a modern Pay-what-you-can fee schedule - which is primarily donation-based. If you feel that you cannot afford a class, come anyway! If you have paid in the past, but there's a week that money is tight, come anyway! Maybe next time, you'll be able to pay. Or maybe somebody else will choose to sponsor you. We work hard to establish strong relationships with local businesses and communities to remain dedicated to our mission: Yoga for all! If you have any questions, please reach out and one of our courteous staff members will be able to help you!


what is sponsorship and how can i become a sponsor

At Prancing Pony, we believe in Yoga for All. To achieve that goal, we are accepting sponsorship donations for one or more students. You can give any amount and we will apply that generous gift to help a yoga student or students attend one or more classes in the Capital Region, or overseas during our kids' retreats in countries such as Guatemala, Nepal, Kenya, and Peru (to name a few). Every winter season, Prancing Pony travels to bring yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and wellness to underprivileged children all over the world (and in the summer, we provide the same services to children of the Capital Region). To become a sponsor, please contact us today!

Yoga Gear Provided By

Pictured Above

Kids' Eye Pillows - Balancing Elephants

Water Bottles - Desarae's Delights

Mala - Malas by Meg

Yoga Die Game - Covelico


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