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Harmonizing Yoga Practices for Young Minds

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Within the yoga practice of Prancing Pony Prana and all our little practitioners, the melodic resonance of Tingsha Bells has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our classes, thanks in large part to GandhanraART* on Etsy. These delicate chimes have proven to be more than just a prelude or an epilogue; they act as catalysts for establishing a serene atmosphere, facilitating a smooth transition from the hustle and bustle of the outside world to the realm of focused yoga that exists on the mats of our little yogis.

The Tingsha Bells, with their pure and resonant tones, have emerged as companions that elegantly guide our young students through deep, mindful breathing, creating a rhythmic flow through each inhalation and exhalation. This harmonic interplay between breath and sound serves as a gentle reminder to our little yogis to be fully present, fostering an environment conducive to mindfulness and relaxation. Beyond the confines of our yoga studio, the influence of Tingsha Bells extends into the realm of Feng Shui, offering a versatile application in clearing spaces and promoting positive energy. The tones, akin to a refreshing breeze, traverse the corners of a room, acting as purifiers and revitalizers.

The implementation of these bells has not only enhanced the ambiance of our yoga studio space but has also become an integral element in cultivating an environment that nurtures balance and tranquility. At Prancing Pony Prana, we have observed firsthand the positive impact of Tingsha Bells on our young students. The children have exhibited a commendable ability to engage with the practice of chiming the bells with a gentle touch, fostering an atmosphere of serenity and cooperation. The sound, captivating in its simplicity, instills a sense of focus and unity among the children, with each participant attentively awaiting their turn.

The Tingsha Bells have become more than mere instruments; they encourage being present in the moment, providing a collective experience that transcends the ego. The little yogis, while participating in the chiming ritual, embody many of the foundational principles of yoga – unity, mindfulness, and mutual joy. This communal experience has contributed significantly to the overall sense of community and collaboration within our yoga classes.

These Tingsha Bells have been met with resounding approval from instructors and students alike (as well as their parents, who witness firsthand the ripples of focused mindfulness long after the yoga sessions have ended). The bells’ introduction has not only enriched the auditory landscape of our classes but has also become an integral component in enhancing the overall yoga experience for our young students. The positive reception and observed benefits of Tingsha Bells affirm their significance as an invaluable resource for cultivating mindfulness, focus, and unity among our little yogis.

*GandhanraART supplied the Tingsha Bells to Prancing Pony Prana and is the sponsor of this article. You can find them, and shop in their online store of imported/hand-crafted Tibetan and Nepali crafts and goods, at:

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