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From A Vendor, With Love

Martine is the founder and owner of Inhale Exhale, an Israel-based company that creates beautiful yoga products. Below is a short blog she wanted Prancing Pony Prana, as one of her partners, to share with our members. Enjoy!

My name is Martine and I am the designer & Founder of the unique and first yoga muslin blanket brand, inhale exhale.

Inhale Exhale, my creation, connects three life-changing experiences of mine:

Dance, Fashion & Yoga.

Inhale Exhale was born for yoga lovers for the moment of Savasana, the moment when I lay down at the end of the practice, without movement, and want to wrap myself gently and my body wants to breathe freely.

And since… and naturally Inhale Exhale is everywhere, for every season and weather, suited everyone for the quiet moments of life.

All designs are handled one by one, precisely designed and manufactured in Israel.

The colors of nature:

A palette of 14 colors of nature was created for my Yoga blankets. Based on the 4 elements of life: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER – the essential elements of life.

When practicing Yoga, I’m empowering my strong element, but also focusing on creating a balance with what I feel is missing…

With love,



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